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2017 Presentations and Proceedings

Steven Fennimore, UCCE Weed specialist, UC Davis
New automated technology has the potential to improve weed control

Tim Miles, Professor, CSU Monterey Bay
Detection of Erysiphe necator fungicide resistant alleles in environmental samples 

 Jeff Schoenau, Professor and Chair
Ministry of Agriculture Strategic Research- Univ. Saskatchewan – Canada. Availability of Nutrients in Manures

Cliff Ohmart, Senior Scientist, Sure Harvest
Comparing sustainable farming to conventional, organic and biodynamic farming

Richard Smith, UCCE Monterey Co
Nitrogen Technologies for Improving N use efficiency in leafy green vegetable production

Carl Winter, UCCE Food Toxicology Specialist, UCD
Pesticide residue issues in California: Is our food safe?

Helen Dahlke, UC Davis.
Sustainable groundwater management: on-farm vs. dedicated storage issues

Joel Kimmelshue, Land IQ.
Intentional Agricultural Recharge Suitability

Patrick Brown – UC Davis, Dept. Plant Science
Precision Nutrient Management in California Orchards

Brent Sams - E&J Gallo Winery
Precision Viticulture Tools for Wine Grape Vineyard Management in California

Sarge Green, California Water Institute (CWI), Fresno State
A SGMA* Implementation Update *Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

Danny Royer - Bowles Farming Co
Creating Actionable Intelligence at Bowles Farming Co.

Parry Klassen - Coalition for Urban & Environmental Stewardship (CURES)
CVSALTS: salt and nutrient management plans in coordination with SGMA and integrated water management

Patrick Brown, Professor, University of California, Davis
Overview of Biostimulants for Agriculture

Nicholas George, UC Davis, Dept. of Plant Sciences
Unlocking Information from Multi-environment Variety Trials via Principle Component Analysis Tools

Daniel Turkovich/Matt Meisner, Farmers Business Network
Bringing the Power of Big Data to Agriculture

Joshua I. Armstrong, Ph.D. VP Biologicals R&D Mendel Biological Solutions, LLC  Biostimulant Discovery and Development Using Plant Gene Regulatory Networks

Tom Shapland, Tule Technologies
ET-based Site-specific Moisture Release Curves for Forecasting Both Plant Water Stress and Plant Response to Irrigation Events