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Travel support

Travel support for speakers, honorees, student poster presenters, and scholarship winners


The California Chapter of the American Society of Agronomy is a non-profit organization and has a limited budget available to offset travel expenses for speakers, student poster presenters, honorees, and scholarship winners. The governing board of CALASA respectfully asks that when possible professionals please use other available resources to support their travel.  Priority is given to honorees and students who typically do not have outside or outreach funding to cover travel costs and to professionals with a very limited travel budget that would prevent them from participating.  Where other resources are not available, support may be requested in advance in accordance with the table below listing qualified expenses.  Note that requests within the following guidance will be approved on a first come/first served basis, and late requests may not be able to be accommodated if available funds are exhausted.  To qualify for reimbursement, participants must provide a list briefly describing and estimating their travel expenses.  Students and speakers should submit travel cost estimates in advance of the meeting to the session or poster chair for approval.  Honorees should submit to the past president.


Expense Description

Expenses covered for one-way distance from destination*

> 150 miles

> 300 miles


  • mileage
  • parking fees
  • mileage
  • parking fees
  • airfare
  • cab fare
  • rental car


Accommodation is for one night, although additional nights may be covered for participants traveling longer distances.  Hotel preference is the conference hotel using the group rate which can be found on the CALASA registration website.


Continental breakfast and lunch are provided with registration each day of the meeting.  Additional meals are not covered.

Registration fees   

Meeting registration fees are waived.  Additionally, honorees may request to invite up to 2 guests to the awards luncheon at no charge.  A meeting badge will be provided to all qualified participants at registration.  Advanced registration is not required.

Guidance for student    poster presenters   

No more than two student presenters for each poster are eligible for travel funds.  Hotel accommodation is for the evening of the poster session only which allows students to attend Day 2 of the conference.  Students are expected to share a hotel room with one companion student participant.

* Submit all travel receipts for reimbursement to the session chair.  Reimbursement will be by check when receipts for all eligible costs are received by the CALASA treasurer.