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2020 Presentations and Proceedings

2020 Conference Proceedings

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Main Session - What Do Cover Crops Have to Offer California Cropping Systems? Opportunities and Challenges
Session 2 - Subsurface Drip Irrigation
Session 4 - Water Quality Regulatory Updates

Debra Dunn, Kings River Conservation District

    Creating a Pilot Nitrate Management Zone - Helping Growers While Providing Safe Drinking Water

Sarah Bragg-Flavan, Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board

    Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program - Central Coast

J.P. Cativiela, Dairy Cares Coalition and Central Valley Dairy Representative Monitoring Program

    Central Valley Dairies - from Groundwater Monitoring to Recommendations for Solutions and Upgrades

Session 5 - Best Management Practices for Controlling Pesticides in Agricultural Runoff

Anson Main, CA Department of Pesticide Regulation

    DPR Surface Water Protection Program - An Overview of Agricultural Monitoring throughout California

Bryn Phillips, UC Davis

    Integrated Approaches to Mitigating Pesticides in Agricultural Runoff

Parry Klassen, Coalition for Urban Rural Environmental Stewardship (CURES)

    Neonicotinoid Insecticide Stewardship Program

Session 7 - Pest Management

Greg Douhan, UC Cooperative Extension

    The Latest in HLB and Asian Citrus Psyllid Management

Ian Grettenberger, UC Davis

    Current Status and Mitigation of Insecticide Resistance of Alfalfa Weevil     

Ruth Dahlquist-Willard, UC Cooperative Extension

    Pest Management Challenges in Diversified Specialty Crop Rotations

Session 8 - Organic Production

Gina Colfer, Wilbur-Ellis Company

    Organic and Sustainable Pest Control - It’s A Whole Systems Approach

Margaret Lloyd, UC Cooperative Extension

    Estimating Nitrogen in Organic Operations

Ehsan Toosi, True Organic Products

    Soil Health in Organic Systems - A Field-based Example