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For Speakers

Deadlines and Information for Speakers (non-student)

Students: These deadlines do not apply to you. Please review your deadlines.


By January 11, 8 AM/ASAP

Complete a short online form and upload your abstract and signed Recording Waiver

  • Submit your abstract in Word by uploading online (PDF sample; instructions)
  • Email 2-3 DPR poll questions if your presentation receives CEU credits. UC ANR PSU will follow up with each speaker if we need poll questions from you. 
  • Sign and return your recording waiver (applies only to non-UC speakers). Either upload the waiver signed by you to allow us to record your presentation or email it to UC ANR.
  • Indicate on the form whether you grant us permission to post your PowerPoint file as PDF on our website after the conference. You'll have an opportunity to make edits before the final copy is posted.

By January 18, 12 noon

Register for the conference as a complimentary registrant. At the bottom of the form, please select “UC Account/Complimentary” for Payment Type.

By January 24, 12 noon

  1. Final edits to your abstract for the proceedings. 
  2. Submit your presentation file(s) (PowerPoint). Box link will be set up to facilitate transmission of files. 

The week of January 24

Practice sessions will be scheduled during this week to ensure that all systems are set up for smooth delivery. If you are not available this week, please let us know. 

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact Clin Xu or Sherry Cooper, UC ANR Program Support, 530-750-1361.